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Meet Gil Bernal

Gilbert Bernal, owns the site and has designed and formulated the products - has been an award winning stylist for 49 years styling hair for Particular Men - he has served the elite and the discriminating clientele of Silicon Valley since 1968.

This site is dedicated to producing the finest men’s hair care products available.

We have decided to open an online men’s hair care unscented or scent free products store to bring to men a true men’s formulation offered by our company. We want to showcase The Particular Man products created by, Gilbert Bernal, a dream that he has had for several years to bring to men the quality hair care products formulated for them.


The Particular Man professional line of hair care products is the premier and foremost choice for men of all ages. The Particular Man is the future of men’s hair care. With dedication and determination The Particular Man has developed the ultimate in unscented Shampoo, Conditioner & Finishing Spray, surpassing the existing standard of quality. The Particular Man is more than quality; it’s about providing a formula, which helps your hair rather than destroy it. Whether your hair is thin, thick, coarse, brittle, long or short, The Particular Man has specifically designed these hair care products for you!

Quality hair care products have been predominately unisex. The Particular Man offers high hair care products for men. Men need a quality product that is more balanced for every day shampooing. The difference between other quality hair care products is the formulation. My products are designed to be used as often as you like and you will see the difference.


Our goal is to only offer products that we believe are truly the very best. At The Particular Man Store, we strive to sell only products that we believe will deliver top quality and maximum performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is not only to offer the best men’s hair care products, but also to create the best possible online shopping experience for you. We strive to make The Particular Man Store an easy-to-use website.

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