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See what some of our favorite customers are saying!

The Particular Man Hair and other personal care products are fantastic! I have used each product as they have been introduced and have to say I have never been disappointed. The last product I tried was “The Rock” deodorant. I have to say that I was used to all of the usual products that leave you sticky and not necessarily dry. The Rock is different and delivers what it promises.

My wife “stole” my finishing spray in the little 1 ounce travel size bottle. Now she won’t leave home without it. She introduced it to her sister and now they both rave about the finishing spray. They like the fact that it is odorless so it doesn’t conflict with the scents they are already wearing. It’s small and compact so it fits in their purse. It looks like some women are learning of the products and endorsing them as well.

Gil, thanks for formulating and introducing these products specifically for the man. They are products that cater to the man with completely NEW formulas rather than products that start with women’s formulas and just modify them slightly and/or just change the marketing to appeal to men.

The Particular Man product line is great! I look forward to seeing the line increase in items over time.

Mike Joy

Mr. Bernal has been styling my hair for several years and I know that in that time Gil has expressed frustration with products available in the market for men’s hair care. Even those of high quality – often really designed for women’s hair – had undesirable aspects of strong fragrance, harshness and so on that made them inappropriate for many of his customers like me.

So I was intrigued when Gil began work on his own formulations and wondered whether he could meet the tough standard he was setting himself for delivering products with all the qualities he wanted and none of the drawbacks.

I’ve been using The Particular Man’s products including Gil’s shampoo, conditioner and styling foam for several months, and my verdict is that Gil has succeeded decisively. The shampoo makes my hair clean without irritation or odor; I use the conditioner daily, making my hair feel great. The fragrance-free styling foam works perfectly and after applied seems to completely disappear, except that my hair does what it’s told!

It’s a pleasure it is to use products that work simply and effectively and exactly as intended.

With gratitude,

Robert Thomas

Santa Clara

I really like the results I get from using your shampoo and conditioner. They leave my hair soft and manageable and my hair remains that way throughout the day. I also use the styling foam for evenings. I just blow dry, use finishing spray and I’m all set for the night out.

Your Particular Man rock deodorant goes on easy and lasts all day. There is no underarm residue that some other deodorants leave.

We do not travel without taking your Travel Pack along. It is great for avoiding airport hassles as it meets all the new government regulations.

Les Hendrickson

The Particular Man product line is a true work of genius from the heart and soul of its founder, Mr. Gil Bernal. I started using the Shampoo and Conditioner since their inception, and have enjoyed the results, as well as the compliments I have received since. Gil has been working on my hair for 10 years, and has been doing my father’s hair for 25!!! I wish all the best and continued success to Gil and his wife Genny.

Jason Hawkinson – Santa Clara

Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your shampoo and deodorant products. I have been using the volumizing shampoo with great results. And the deodorant is the best I have ever used. Continued good-luck with your products and your business.

Charlie Pratt

I am writing to thank you for your incredible hair products. I have been using The Particular Man shampoo, conditioner, styling foam and finishing spray for several months. I can say, without reservation, that this is the best my hair has ever felt and looked in years. I especially like the odorless shampoo. What man wants to smell like flowers or a fruit cocktail? The odorless shampoo is an incredible idea. I also like that the products are packaged in non-aerosol containers. Thank you, Gil,

Allen Rosenberg, Sunnyvale, CA

My sons Bobby and David, and I are very satisfied users of all the Particular Man hair care products for men. We like the fact that they are targeted to men, without the need for aromatic or other additives often found in hair care products for women. Finally a hair care product line for the male sex, that’s not unisex!

Michael Allen

I enjoyed speaking with you and writing this story. I have to tell you that the Particular Man is a big hit in this house – with both me and my husband. The shampoo leaves my hair really soft and the finishing spray is great because I need way less “stuff” to get the look I want. Feel free to use this as an endorsement:) I threw out a whole bag full of shampoos, conditioners, and styling gunk. Thanks,

Carolyn Schuk, Santa Clara Weekly

It is a pleasure to write a testimonial about your products. I have been using the volumizing shampoo for fine and thin hair this past six months. I am very pleased with the results. I usually use it once a day and sometimes two. My hair feels clean and is easy to manage. I really like the hair spray as it is easy to apply and really holds the hair without looking glued down. What’s more, I can recomb my hair later for evening social event and reapply the spray with no sticky residue.

I would be happy to talk with any of your potential customers about your products.

Donald Mac Millan

Have been using the volumizing shampoo and the styling foam regularly for several weeks now. The shampoo is very good at cleaning, is mild and does put more body in my fine, straight hair. The foam is just a cool product. Gives my hair a good, natural hold, is easy to use and washes out very easily. For both products the lack of scent is amazing. I will be back for more! Thanks,

Nick Yatsko

I’ve been using your products since they first launched & especially like your conditioner. I’ve know you for almost 25 years Gil – and I knew that when you finally launched your product line – it would be “right” – the first time!I use your conditioner everyday – applying after my shower & even use it as a skin / face conditioner too. It works great for both. My hair and face soak it up – and I don’t need anything else – good to go!Thanks again Gil – exceptional product! Sincerely,

Kim Buurma

Been using your Shampoo & Styling Foam for 4 weeks now and both work great.

The Shampoo cleans my hair without drying it out. I’ve had trouble with shampoos causing dandruff but yours works very well. The Foam is easy to use and works great too. It gives my thin hair extra body and it leaves no greasy feeling on your hands. Another thing they have in common, a little bit goes a long way.

Thanks for turning me on to these great products.

Len Fyock

You were dead on about the Conditioner product. Shampoo is best in class also. Your formulations make you “The Man” The Particular Man.

Ray Seymour

Volumizing Shampoo is great! Lynn loves the volumizing shampoo. It really makes quite a difference after she blow dries it. I’ll have to work a little harder keeping the guys away from her! Thanks again.

Kyle Thomas

Particular Man products are wonderful – the conditioner and styling foam really make my hair look and feel great. Thanks.

Pat Pezzella

I have been delighted with the TPM shampoo and conditioner. My scalp feels healthier after several months of used.

John Figueroa

I’m the kind of guy that is very particular about my hair, I have used your products, and feel you have a very good product, I like the way it lets me style my hair, the way I like. I’m very interested in all the products you have coming out. Thanks Gil, for coming out with a product for men.

David Bernal

The best thing about the products is that I can get that same look and feel I get at Gil’s (when he’s just finished) at home now. The shampoo, styling foam, and finishing spray allow even me to make my hair look good. Thanks,

Ed Wong

I have been using your products since its inception and I am very pleased. Your shampoo and new deodorant stick are great I like the fact that there is no scent which allows me to use my cologne and after shave with no conflicting fragrances…Thank You very much keep up the great work. Sincerely,

Carlos R. Pagan

Your volumizer shampoo has some bad news, and it has some good news. The bad news is I can’t use any other shampoo ever again. The good news is as a 70+ year old man with thinning hair I’ve never had a cleaner shampoo leaving me with the fullest hair I’ve had in a long time. It is truly the best shampoo I’ve ever used.

Allen Cymrot

I have been using The Particular Man’s new underarm deodorant with happy results. I regularly take walks in the afternoon and this sometimes results in some underarm sweat and body odor. Using this deodorant means I come back from my walks free of any perspiration and odor and so I don’t feel compelled to take an immediate shower. A good product.

Jim Feit