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Gift Certificate
Send a Gift Certificate and your Special Person can purchase a product of their choice. We will send The Particular Man Gift Certificate direct to this Special Person with a confirmation email to the purchaser.

Women’s & Men’s Hair Care Gift Certificates From Particular Man®

The Particular Man® offers a complete line of high-end body and hair products specifically formulated for men who take pride in their personal appearance and need a product that meets their needs. Our shampoo, conditioners, hair sprays and body foams are made so they provide a scent-free clean with an even pH. The Rock® Deodorant is a designer anti-odor, scent-free stick that can last up to a year with daily use. For the women in your life, our line of Lady Genevieve hair care products provides the same designer-level quality of ingredients without unnecessary fragrances and a balanced pH safe for regular use. If you need great gift ideas for men or women, shop our men’s hair care gift certificates and women’s and men’s grooming gifts.